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No such thing as mesh armor?

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Cyber-Dave Cyber-Dave's picture
No such thing as mesh armor?
The mesh chapter talks about mesh armor, but as of right now, none exists in gear or otherwise...
Xagroth Xagroth's picture
Mmm... have you cheked there
Mmm... have you cheked there is no "mesh damage" reduction methods that can be bought as programs or some sort of augments? I don't have the files at hand right now, but I would look for that first, in many games those would be called something along the lines of "Firewall level" or somesuch.
ubik2 ubik2's picture
I don't think there are
I don't think there are currently any items that act as mesh armor. It's possible they wanted to explain the mechanics, even though there isn't an item for players. An unusual NPC might have access to such a thing in a specific scenario. For players, Persistence (increasing overall mesh hp) and Enhanced Security (reducing how often you are hit) are the available options. Personally, I'd prefer not to have mesh damage boosting apps and mesh armor apps, since this adds more complexity to a system that is often already cumbersome for players.