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Next books

So, we have a shiny new book on Firewall and other conspiracies. IIRC next will be X-Risks with Ozma covered. But since I've got Panopticon and noticed its subtitle: "Volume 1: Habitats, Surveillance, Uplifts" I've became curious what will be covered in "Volume 2"?

There was thread for it back in the early 2013 but perhaps now you could give us some update on your plans? Could it be something like "Spaceships/Vehicles, Economy, Infolife/AIs" by analogy?

I'm asking because I have player that plays AGI and is an AI passionate so I'd use some official, extended help on the subject. I find the part on Uplifts the best of Panopticon, so I'd gladly see similarly broad covering of Artificial Inteligencies: weak, muse, general and seed. And maybe something more on augmented and virtual reality?

I expect though that any such book would be available no sooner than mid-2016, right?

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AGI's are pretty extensively covered in Transhuman.

Not sure how much more you really need.

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I posted this over on RPGnet

I posted this over on RPGnet in response to a similar question:

Our announced future releases are the remainder of the Transhuman Kickstarter stretch goals: The Argonauts sourcebook, the quick-reference sheets, the core rulebook ePub, and the Fate Conversion Guide. Beyond that, we've announced X-Risks, which we do not have an estimated release date for yet.

That's more than enough stuff to have announced at any one time. :-)

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So excited.

So very excited to see X-Risks on the list to be a completed book, even if there is no ETA yet. The entire idea of the book sounds like an EP version of Threats from Shadowrun, which was by far one of their coolest books. Can't wait to see what folks come up with to fill a book entirely focused on scary species ending threats.

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Can't even *begin* to say how

Can't even *begin* to say how excited I am about the quick-ref sheets. I've been making do with my own for a the last few games, but I'd love to see official/canon ones…

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For those who want cheat sheets right now, I also suggest Justin Alexander's, which are less fancy but significantly longer.

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Personally I would love to

Personally I would love to see a book about the 'PreFall World', so you could run a setting of 'before the fall' and watch the orld... burn... die.. explode.. you know.. for contrast.

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Personally, I'd love to see a

Personally, I'd love to see a book that goes into much more detail to the various hypercorps (along with adding some new, less influential ones). It would also be a good opportunity to add some canon branded weapons and morphs, i.e. mods on the existing generics sold by specific hypercorps.

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What I'd honestly love to see

What I'd honestly love to see more than anything is a book just covering mundane civilian life. Like a straight up collection of typical "a day in the life of a typical..." write ups for say a brinker bartender, martian ranch hand, infugee accountant, Jovian housewife, Titanian neo-pig publicist, surya cop, etc. Maybe pad it out with some floor plans for zero-G nightclubs/martian malls/personal living quarters for various types of habs, and if you really want some crunchy bits, splash around some vehicles and clothing/status symbol options for non-humanoid morphs maybe?

Great as the setting is, between the post-scarcity economy and the prevalence of low-G/micro-G habs, it's real hard to visualize the sort of places people spend most of their time in, which in turn makes it tricky to set up staple RPG encounters, you know?