Newbie help with Gear Shopping and Lifepath-based Concept

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Newbie help with Gear Shopping and Lifepath-based Concept

Hi All,

I've been getting back in an EP mood lately, so thought i'd run through lifepath character generation and see what I come up with. I've never actually played the game before, but have read some setting info.

I've reched the gear purchase section and run into analysis paralysis. :) I'm also kind of fuzzy on the character concept, and wondered what the hive mind might come up with.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Template: Researcher

COG 20
COO 15
Int 20
Ref 20
Sav 10
Som 10
Wil 15

Language: Italian
Starting Morph: Sylph
Starting AGe: 59

Celebrity child: Hyperelite 3PP
+1 Moxie
Art: (Choose One) 40, Disguise: 25, Interest: (Choose One)
30, Interfacing 30, Networking: (Media) 50, Persuasion 30,
Profession: (Choose One) 20, Protocol 30
Parental abandonment, gained Traits: Trusting heart

Scientist 1 PP
Academics: (Choose One) 40, Academics: (Choose One) 30, Investigation 30

Rescue animal from danger, (uplift?)
Traits: Animal empathy

Gain +5 Ref from fall NDE’s.

Medic 3 PP
+1 Moxie; +50 Rep (Your Choice); Academics: (Choose One) 40, Hardware: Implants 25, Medicine: (Paramedic) 50, Medicine: (Choose One) 40, Networking: (Choose One) 20, Perception 35, Persuasion 20, Profession: Medical Care 50

Argonaut 1 PP
Academics: (Choose One) 40, Investigation 30, Research 30

Computer Training 1 PP
Infosec 40, Interfacing 30, Programming 30

Criminal 1 PP
Interest: Criminal Groups 30, Palming 30, Intimidation 40

Story event: Someone you respect shows their true colors, and they aren’t pretty. Gain +1 Moxie.

Firewall Event: Someone you loved becomes infected. You keep it secret and protect them for a time, until everything goes bad. Firewall rescues you, then recruits you. Gain +10 Interest: Exsurgents.

Total credits: 56,000

I'm thinking this character was some kind of child prodigy. His transition from the Researcher aptitude to scientist was entirely random, I swear. I thought he might have worked in the initial uplift research, possibly running into ethical quams along the way. THe Fall lead him to reassess his priorities, and he started more seriously helping transhumanity. I'm not quite sure how tojustify the criminal interests–it seems pretty far out of left field.

Any tips on how to spend CR 50K+ would be appreciated. Thanks, all!

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.

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Maybe your character was a

Maybe your character was a child prodigy, but the going got tough. In an effort to keep going, maybe the character tried developing connections to get some TITAN tech to aid their research, but got a friend or family member infected. Your character then tried to hide it and fix it on their own, but failed and Firewall got involved. Or maybe you weren't the one to cause the infection, the friend who shows their true colors was the one who infected your other friend, or was the one who became infected and you're then trying to protect them and fix them regardless of what they did.

Alternatively, maybe your character tried drugs (performance enhancing or otherwise) when the going got tough, got addicted, and made a few mistakes. This left your character with a few criminal connections.

Another idea, you got connected to the criminal element to help free uplifts.


As for what to spend your money on:

You don't seem to have any combat skills. That will make things difficult later. You might want to swap a few skills.

Your character does have some computer skills, so the hacker gear package would be useful. 10k.

You probably want the Firewall gear package. 18k.

Is there any gear packages that jump out at you? Its not wrong to have some credits left over if you can't think of anything.

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I appreciate the advice. :) I'm looking forward to second edition, because hopefully the Transhuman gear packs will be integrated into the book.

Firewall does indeed look very useful, and I'm going to go for the "essential enhancements," pack for certain. Research would also seem to fit his background. I'm starting to see the fun "gear porn," aspect of all this, even if it's more than a bit overwhelming.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.

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A tip. You might want to try

A tip. You might want to try making some gear builds with limited budgets. Some missions will not give you an opportunity to get a lot of stuff. Sometimes you will have to make do with less stuff. Small budgets, restricted habitats, limited time to fab stuff, etc. Learn how to make the most of limited resources so you are not wasting what you got when the going gets tough.

Another tip. If you are buying blueprints, you might want to check with your GM with what they will allow. For instance, if you are buying a blueprint for a fabber or toolkit, does it cover all specializations or do you have to pick a specialization? Likewise, will the blueprint work on inner system DRM fabbers? Does the blueprint have DRM that prevent it from being on unrestricted fabbers? For me, spending CP on blueprints means that you get good blueprints, possibly knowing it inside and out, and able to work on any system. This can more true if you are Firewall agents who travel around lots.

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Thanks! :)

That makes sense. I forgot that if I egocast, my gear won't come with me. It's not guaranteed to be a part of any new morph on the other side.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.

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A couple things I think are essential
(i.e. stuff I neglected to get until I realized how essential it was)

- Anonymous Accounts (an *Absolute* must, so you can walk around without leaving trace ID tags everywhere)
- Multiple Ego ID's (for those instances you can't be anonymous.)
- Nanotat ID Flux at least in your primary morph, so you can quick change ID's.

It's worth noting you can hire an indenture with their own morph and a use a puppet sock to act as your arms and legs if you don't mind riding them in a ghost-rider. In person you get to use their ID as a conduit to run stuff. Quite handy really. Even puppeting another PC is not a bad idea.