(Newbie) Game Master seeking to run scyping EP game

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(Newbie) Game Master seeking to run scyping EP game

Hokay, so, this is my first post on the sight, so I suppose I should introduce myself. Basically, I found out about Eclipse Phase, bought the book within 5 seconds of hearing about it. Which was good, cause I was sick (and am still recovering FROM that sickness) at the time and reading about Eclipse Phase's settings and rules really really really cheered me up.

Now, I've gamemastered games since High School so I'm not a rank amateur, though I am new to the EP rules. However, I am interested in getting some players for a campaign idea i'm working on.

The Time: The game would have to take place on Tuseday or Thursday, at any point in the day, as those are the days I'm free. EDIT: Oh right, I'm from California, so my timezone would be West Coast United States time zone time.

The Place: Well, Scype is my favorite method for online gaming, specially since I got this awesometown microphone.

The Game: I was thinking, for this campaign at least, would focus on a team of scavengers who make credits and rep by retrieving all the lost stuff out there. Whether its a hab or a city or even an artifact from Earth, they're the ones to go and find it and bring it back. Obviously, such a team would need several people of various skills and any number of backgrounds can be thought up, though you'd obviously need to tie it into the idea of a scavving group.

Now, the obvious question is, will your group ever be involved with Firewall and battle x-threats?

Maybe. But for the start, I would rather run a lower key game. I love seeing the sidelines people. They may not save the world, but they do their own thing.

However, as the game goes on and the group's rep grows...well, maybe Firewall might need them to retrieve something.

Anywho, if you are interested, post here and PM me with your character idea and contact info!

Thanks for reading!