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A new take on Spares

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A new take on Spares
I think the Spare morph would be even more effective (or at least cooler) if it were built directly into the main morph, as a sort of body escape pod. Instead of being a separate unit that the CS is plugged into, the Spare is instead located inside the morph's body, around its brain or cyberbrain. The brain is connected to the rest of the body via connectors that feed through the Spare's body, allowing the user to switch between controlling the body and the Spare. A hatch allows the Spare to quickly escape the body, carrying the brain or cyberbrain with it. This could theoretically work with any morph as long as the Spare is large enough to contain its brain or cyberbrain. This has some tactical advantages, and honestly I just think it's a cool idea with a lot of potential. I like the idea of playing a big, hulking Synthmorph or other morph which turns out to be piloted by a tiny robot that pops out of its head. And you have even more potential with a macabre variant of the Escape Pod- the Hijacker. The Hijacker is built to burrow into morphs and take control of them- I'm thinking that there's an Exsurgent version that can jack biomorphs, but normal ones only work on Synths and Pods. It would make a great morph for a unique, threatening antagonist or group of antagonists, and particularly devious players might try to capture one of these and reverse-engineer it.
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This would require spares to
This would require spares to be quite a lot smaller, wouldn't it?
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I must say i am more
I must say i am more intrigued by the hijackers idea
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I had an idea for an
I had an idea for an exsurgent that were basically walking, parasitic cortical stacks that contained fused human egos. They would hunt for morphs and if they found one, it would try to inject a stinger into your biological or electrical spinal chord and hijack your body. After a period of time, the exsurgent nanobots it's been injecting into you turn you into a walking nest of progeny parasites that release from your back like a Surinam toad (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ7b4spjXhw) and that all have a piece of your ego added to the collection.
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I have a sudden need to watch Tom Selleck in Runaway.
Robot spiders are a wonderfully creepy idea.
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The thing I don't understand
The thing I don't understand in spares is... if they're so small why they can't fly? I understant that they have to keep all the costs small, but wouldn't it be much usefull if we only added some scape rockets on their bakcs? Think about it, if someone is in danger he will want to get as far as possible from the danger once he has the ego bridge and flying things move in 3d which makes them much more difficult to hit or catch.
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Morph Augments
Spares are a Morph like any other. The off-the-shelf model is bare essentials in order to keep the cost down - that's sort of the point - but there's nothing stopping you from modifying a Spare with any of the propulsion system mods available to other synths.
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Strange minds think alike
Taken verbatim from a message a friend sent me a few weeks ago: Augmentation: Headshot (High): A lot of Crashers bring a Spare with them in case of emergencies, but having to keep it with you is a pain, and relying on someone else to pop your stack is a plan destined for embarrassing failure. So a group of enterprising Phoenix modders came up with a modification that takes out the middle man: the Headshot, an augmentation tightly coupled with a larger morph's Stack that serves as a lifeboat, achieved by replacing the morph's skull and cervical vertebrae with this augmentation in their entirety. When the right signal is received, the morph detonates a series of micro-explosives under the skin around the base of its neck, decapitating itself instantly, often with a rather gory bang. The newly freed Headshot immediately repurposes the smart material upper spine to form a means of locomotion, in the process drawing the cortical stack inside itself for protection. After that it pretty much functions like a Spare. Keep in mind that, while convenient, this is effectively a kill switch; if your PAN is hacked, a malicious user can pop your head like a champagne cork just by opening an app. Biomorph Headshots contain a reservoir with enough nutrients to keep the host brain alive for up to a week. Synthmorph Headshots have internal power to last the same, and come with solar rechargers; it won't be fun, and you'll be sluggish as Hell, but you can last pretty much indefinitely like that. Headshot "morph": Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cyberbrain or Brainbox, Extra Limbs (4, for up to 6 arms and/or legs), Fractal Digits, Grip Pads, Telescoping Limbs (2). Mobility: Hopper/ Roller/ Submarine/ Tracked/ Walker / Winged, 2/8 Apt. Max: as host morph Durability: 10 (WT 2) Advantages: Armor 3/3, retains any Mental Aptitude bonuses the host morph had. Disadvantages: SOM 5, Clanking Masses, disturbing to inhabit (roll a WIL x 2 test per day and take 1 Stress per 10 points of MoF), disturbing to see, generally disturbing. Notes: activated as standard when the host gets within 10 points of Death or passes out, whichever is closest to their Death point (this threshold can be modified). Any Mental augmentations the host morph had are carried over. Non-Mental Augmentations, Enhancements, etc. may be purchased for the Headshot exactly like a normal morph or robot, although there are limits on what is possible given the resource and size constraints. Activating the Headshot protocol voluntarily, despite the continuity it provides, is still blowing your own head off with subdermal mircoexplosives, and requires a WIL x 3 test to perform (modified by factors like necessity). Activation can be delegated to the host's Muse, or indeed anyone with the key if you're in the mood for giving someone a cranial bomb.
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simplest solution:
get a really cheap A.I. or just load a copy of your muse into the Spare. Make it smart enough to know how to dig a cortical stack out, and have it linked up to your mesh implants so it activates as soon as your morph kicks it. The A.I. then either immediately hops out and retrieves you, or it waits out a timer until the fight that dropped you dies out. That's what, a 1CP expenditure? 2 if you buy Vector Thrust.
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Alternative Spare Use
I had a conversation with my GM about using a spare morph with a broken mobility system as a mobile interrogation unit. Killed the guy you need information from? No worries, just pop his dumb ass in a spare, and narcoalgorhythm them up. Information and hillarity flow forth. We had a long moment, and he just looked me in the eye and said, "You're a terrible person." "I know, man, I know."
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I'm pretty sure that if you
I'm pretty sure that if you have their stack, you can just load them as an infomorph in a controlled area where they are trapped. I think there's a few examples of that being used in the lore. I would expect narcoalgorithms to be applicable too, but I'm not aware of any example of them being used for interrogation in the lore.
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Using a spare seems more fun
Using a spare seems more fun though.
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