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New player questions

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New player questions
New to the setting but I simply love it! Although I have a few questions. How does time affect the setting? Are habs on their own time? Do the collective transhuman civilization still use Earth time to facilitate communications between habs? Travel times? I currently only own the main book, but is there an easy chart or reference on travel times from one are to the other, or is this handled by Gm fiat? Many thanks and expect me to be a pest on questions and helping to establish even more of this amazing setting.
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A general travel time chart
A general travel time chart was provided on page 183 of the outer system supplement Rimward. The PDF for Rimward can be legally downloaded under the Creative Commons license that EP is published under. Due to the nature of the CC license, all of the PDFs for the entire Eclipse Phase line are legally, publicly available from many different sources. You can find Rimward here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9I5phZVL8P2VHdWQlZscUFrcHM&usp=... , along with the majority of the other game books. You might not be able to preview each PDF in your browser, but if you download them to your local machine they read just fine. If you do download the PDFs of the books and you think that they are worth your money, please consider buying your own copies from somewhere like drivethrurpg, or buy the books in their physical form.