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[new player question] Movement rate

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[new player question] Movement rate
I'm not sure if I understand it so I'll give you example and please tell me do I get it. There are two characters (X and Y) running to cover from shooting enemy X has speed 1 Y has speed 2 Initiative looks like this: X, Y, enemy X can move with full speed (4/20) during first action phase and gets to cover Y has to move with half speed in first action phase enemy attacks Y because he didn't reach cover Y in second action phase moves again with rest of his movement and gets to cover That means X gets to cover before Y? In this scenario it is better to have speed 1? This is my first post so hello everybody and i apologize for my bad English
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You've got it right,
You've got it right, unfortunately. There have been a few discussions of the speed/movement rules and a lot of people just house-rule it if it bothers them. In my game I let a player move as much as they want (up to their max) in a phase as long as their total movement for the round never exceeds their movement rate.
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Yea, I hoped I was wrong but
Yea, I hoped I was wrong but your houserule looks good. I'll try it out. Thanks for the response.
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A better way to solve this
A better way to solve this might be to have movement spread across all four Action Phases no matter their speed. So your scenario might look like this: X takes a Complex Action and then uses a Quick to run to cover. As this is just Action Phase 1 he moves 5ft right now. Y takes a Complex Action and then uses a Quick to run to cover. As this is just Action Phase 1 he moves 5ft right now. The enemy fires at whoever (as neither are in cover). X moves another 5ft as it's Action Phase 2. Y moves another 5ft and may now take another Complex Action. It should continue on Action Phase-wise from here, but as nobody has more than Speed 2 they can just skip the other Action Phases and finish their movement. This favours preparation and emplacement, as people will get to shoot at you during your movement. People of higher Speed will be able to change their movement vector and take actions during movement, which sounds right. If you don't like the idea of giving more advantage to people in cover and suchlike, you might allow everybody to move their whole distance in their first Action Phase and then just take actions from there.
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Oh, right, now that Fion
Oh, right, now that Fion mentions it, it brings back a previous discussion on movement where this was pointed out. http://eclipsephase.com/movement-and-speed So X and Y both move at only half speed on phase 1. Then on phase two they both finish their movement, but only Y (with speed 2) gets any additional actions (exactly as Fion describes). Of course, this can bog down game-play, and makes certain situations a little confusing (like if X wanted to move behind cover then shoot) especially if you have a wide range of speeds. I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually play it this way. :P
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Fion Ravenwater wrote:house
Fion Ravenwater wrote:
house rule
I like this. I will have to use it!!
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Just to be clear. Fion's
Just to be clear. Fion's house rule isn't a house rule. It's always been that way. To put it more concisely; The movement of [u]all[/u] characters during a single Action Turn is [b]divided by the highest Speed number[/b] of [u]any[/u] character taking actions during the turn. It's really simple. It really doesn't bog down play. It doesn't actually have anything to do with movement but instead explains the time flow and simultaneity of action during the ~3 seconds of an Action Turn.

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