New Player LFG (Preferably PbP)

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New Player LFG (Preferably PbP)

Hi there!

I'm in the central US and work afternoons/evenings (with some morning), so I would likely be available for fairly rapid posting for a few hours in the morning my time and a few hours before midnight my time. I'm mostly familiar with the system from reading through the books and making characters, but I haven't been able to find a group to play with yet, so I might need a bit of coaching on the finer points of actually playing.

I have a few characters that are statted out (1100 CP) and waiting for backstories, so I would likely be able to fill whatever niche is needed in a party. I would prefer to have minimal violent inter-party conflict (I'm not a fan of screwing over my fellow players), but I'm open to ideological and motivational stuff.

Just a heads up, getting into character is something that I occasionally have trouble with, which is why I would prefer PbP. It would give me a bit of time to consider how my character would react instead of how I would.

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