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New NPC Files

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New NPC Files
Spurred by Kojak, it has occurred to me that we're never gonna complain about acquiring more NPC stats, especially since they can help give a sense of the challenge of activities. It occurs to me there's a few ways to do it. The original NPC File Prime 1 just had a bunch of generic stats for things which could be all over the solar system. I'm thinking, what about making stats for specific locales, like Mars or Titan? Some of those already got covered in Prime 1, but some more specifics, some variety, those could be cool. The other thought is potentially to sort by functions/clades. Like an NPC File of the different kinds of people who live as Infomorphs, or a bunch of ideas for Octopus Uplifts throughout the system. Do you guys have any NPC stats lying around, or ideas on what to focus on? Let's hear them!
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I've got stats for a small
I've got stats for a small pile of NPCs, but none of them are the "generic" sort described in NPC File Prime 1. (Some examples are Reis, Miriam Wiley, and Anthony and Boy Blue/Lady Red from my Whiskey Station campaign. They're more tentpole adventure PCs than generic ones, though.) Now that I think about it, though, that could be pretty sweet — I think I'd be able to get a lot of use out of them, now that I think about it.
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Alright, having thought about
Alright, having thought about this for a bit now, I think if we're going to do a kind of NPC File 2, as it were, we should first compile a list of common NPC types not covered by the first one and then start statting them out from there. Here's what I've got so far; feel free to add to this: Anarchist "Elder" Barsoomian Nomad Celebrity (Variants: Athlete, Professional Duelist, Vid Actor, X-Caster) Crime Boss Ego Hunter (Variant: Private Investigator) Extropian Judge Gang Leader Genehacker Hypercorp Manager Hypercorp Executive Journalist (Variant: Media Engineer) Local Politician (Variant: Station Administrator) Lunar Banker Negotiator Professor Socialite Steel Liberator TITAN Killer (Variant: Rajput) Ultimate Exemplar (Variant: Purifier)
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mook files
[url=https://xen0phile.wordpress.com/category/mook/]Here, have a few mooks.[/url] Probably more incoming when I have the time and inclination. :) Feel free to critique them if I did something stupid. The "zero point" for the CP cost is 15 for all the APT, 1 for MOX, no body, no skills, no money. So you can get a negative-CP NPC (like the "marginal infugee indenture") if you have aptitudes at less than 15. (I'm sure I miscounted at least a few of those CP costs, but I think they still give a nice eyeball of each mook's capabilities). I admit, there is a bit of redundancy already with the canonical NPC file (there is "security trooper" for the beat cop, and my infugee indent is basically the same concept as the canonical one, except mine is even less capable).
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Those are awesome! Thanks for
Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing them, dude.
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Cool, glad you liked them. I'm going to be moving all my stuff over to my own domain: [url=http://boomzilla.me/ep/blog/]http://boomzilla.me/ep/blog/[/url] I'll mirror those NPC stats in a bit, and also derp around with making some others when I have time.