New Campaign: Unnatural Selection

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New Campaign: Unnatural Selection

Hey EP fans!

I've been lurking on here since last year when I picked up the core book (which was a mindblowing experience...), and have just run the first session of an 11-session campaign.

The premise is... well, suitably complex. It's all about identity, TITANs, opposition to the Jovian Regime, and lots of cool hard SF. In a nutshell, the PCs are tasked to investigate the mysterious appearance of an go that has attempted to 'cast into the Main Belt on three previous occasions, only to be nabbed by Direct Action each time - and the ego appears to be coming Circumjovian orbit. Firewall's curious as to who this person is, and why DA is so interested in stopping them.

I've started fleshing out a campaign site, so thought I'd share it with the board. So far it's got basic character descriptions, a GM report on the first session, and a few other bits and bobs; the site will grow as the campaign does, hopefully ending up with house rules, useful EP resources, character-driven diaries and so on.

Any commentary on the campaign idea, and the site, is more than welcome.