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Network stuff

After the "can you track throught VPNs" thread, I started to wonder about EP networks.

Now, the Mesh is an open net--literally. Each and every machine is a wifi/wired router, and so is every morph.

But transhumans, even when they share, want somethings to themselves. So who uses VPNs? Hypercorps? Governments? Nerds? Who in EP isn't satisfied with VPN capabilities and requires a network truly separate from the Mesh protocols? Why?

The Internet works on the Internet Protocol, with many, many subprotocols for people trying to send specific messages. Email is protocol, this web site works on Hypertext transfer protocol, Torrents are their own protocols, and so are the various types of video streams.

Is there one Mesh protocol for all types of data? What subprotocols are common? If an Informorph 'moves' by transferring itself from one machine to the next, (presumably by forking) does it need a special protocol to prevent itself from being dropped like an unwanted caller?

Could there be a major deviant Mesh protocol? A Dark Mesh, separate from the Mesh, using a completely different protocol system, sending carefully timed messages to hide it's signals behind normal Mesh traffic, so that the ordinary transhuman and muse never notice it? Or maybe many Dark Meshes, each custom built by secretive clades, for hiding themselves within transhuman society.

Eh, who knows?