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Netwar Ghosts

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Netwar Ghosts
I just read "Semper Human" by Ian Douglas, and it gave me an interesting idea. During a raid-attack the space marines unleash a bot whose single directive is to find an access point for the local network and forcibly upload dozens upon dozens of special netwar infomorphs. These infomorphs are forks of the netwar staff back at headquarters, but have been pruned to utterly disregard self-preservation and be totally okay with being deleted when the mission is completed. Essentially, this would be the same as unleashing any kind of hacking AI (just with better skills than the off-the-shelf versions). But, how would you handle spamming a network with overwhelming numbers of AIs? Any ideas?
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If I wanted to abstract it -
If I wanted to abstract it - which really seems to be the only way to do it - it'd be opposed Infosec and similar checks with penalties based on the sheer number of infomorphs getting crammed in and clogging up the network. On the other hand, some habitats probably have setups specifically design to isolate and possibly purge when too many functionally identical forks start taxing the network's resources, so the invaders might have to make opposed checks at similar penalties to deal with the sweeper routines. Anything remotely granular in detail would be ugly if done mechanically, and would probably be best handled in a purely narrative fashion.
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