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Had a player want to play an uplifted gorilla doctor. ( Seriously, can't make this stuff up.) But as we are making the character I notice that the baseline neo-sapien morph is far inferior to pretty much every morph around. I guessed that they were going for a monkey in space vibe, but I'm wondering what would be a good hack for a gorilla style sleeve. I was thinking of upping its cap for SOM, and giving it a different damage profile for when it hits something and upping its DUR accordingly. Unless there is an actual gorilla morph in the works. Thanks.
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Possible Patches
Yeah, I see what your saying. I wouldn't describe the neo-Hominid morph as inferior but it definitely looks like it's set up for a chimp more than a gorilla.

If I were in your shoes I would bump CP cost to 30, bump Durability to 35, and bump Aptitude Max to 30 for SOM only. I would also throw in the Prehensile Feet bioware. Just my 2¢
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Durability of the Olypian is

Durability of the Olypian is 40, I'd say that is a minimum benchmark of what a gorilla would have.'
The Aptitude cap adjustment for SOM is a great idea. Maybe combine it with removing the +5 COO, and a +10 SOM?
With those changes, I'd recommend 40 CP.