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Neo-Hominids - No Prehensile Feet?

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Colin Chapman Colin Chapman's picture
Neo-Hominids - No Prehensile Feet?
Was I the only individual surprised that the Neo-Hominid morph didn't possess Prehensile Feet? Colin

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Re: Neo-Hominids - No Prehensile Feet?
It seems that the Neo-Hominid is based of the Gorilla, which really does not have prehensile feet, as opposed the Chimpanzee and Oranguatang, which do.
jackgraham jackgraham's picture
Re: Neo-Hominids - No Prehensile Feet?
I'm not sure how the Uplifts material we have coming out is going to explain this, but I believe the reason is that neo-hominids were developed on Earth. If you want to walk upright in Terran Gs, human-style feet are better than your stock monkey feet. Neo-homs are pretty much Planet of the Apes types, and PCs should be allowed to go with an orangutan or chimp (or better yet, bonobo!) gene line if they like. (Note the penalty to running for characters with the Prehensile Feet aug).
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Tiempo Tiempo's picture
Re: Neo-Hominids - No Prehensile Feet?
jackgraham wrote:
(or better yet, bonobo!)
Wahahahaha Yeah, but you should add the "pennis Fencing" Ability and Sex Adiction Trait xD And in the name of all holly, don't stress the litle guy or you could end... well... "Fenced" xDDDDDDD
GregH GregH's picture
Re: Neo-Hominids - No Prehensile Feet?
I could see it as an attempt by their creators as a deliberat omission to help better "humanize" them... or indirectly having uplift-rights individuals as such and using it as a talking point (they have a RIGHT to prehensile feet!!!)
Leaps-from-Shadows Leaps-from-Shadows's picture
Re: Neo-Hominids - No Prehensile Feet?
According to the errata that will be soon incorporated into the PDF and sent for another print run, Neo-Hominids do have Prehensile Feet.