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Neo-Budhist faction

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Neo-Budhist faction
A player and I came up with this idea. She wants to play a neo-budhist monk. Since religions are not in the list of the starting factions, should I: 1) home brew that faction? What would the extra stats look like? 2) give him an other faction (hypercorp f.ex. when he was born in a hypercorp station) and take religions as a motivation?
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Brinker? Or wherever they fit
Brinker? Or wherever they fit in the sociopolitical scale. Whether that's as an Anarchist beyond the Main Belt, or Barsoomian on Mars. Unlikely to be Hypercorp or Scum, probably not Criminal, the trick to religions are that it includes the best and worst of people, so you got Mafiosas and Mother Theresa and both are Catholic. How Neo-Buddhist are they? How much does the religion dominate their sociocultural identity?
Exhuman, and Humanitarian.
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You said the opposite of
You said the opposite of scales, but didnt give an example to the good scale for Catholics. ---- With that said, I'm /really/ sure what religion would exactly give you in terms of bonuses for Eclipse Phase. The background and faction give you bonuses to stuff, with the abstraction that you were active and did things and those bonuses reflect doing those things. A lot of religious stuff, I can see it giving you bonuses to Academic, Interest skills. Since this is for your game, you two can decide on a information skill that would be useful to the game. If its a Buddhist that practices a form of martial arts, then give some bonuses to unarmed or blades? Unless itsa Buddhist monk that practices Gun Katta. But even then, that seems odd. It seems best to me, that Neo Buddhist would be best Representative through Motivation. Which depending on your GM style may not have much mechanical impact. Though I've seen other folks, and myself included have folks who violate their Motivation, that instead of taking a moxie penalty, can pass a Stress test. Mostly standard WILLx3, but depending on circumstances drop it as low as WILLx1 though I wouldnt really go over 1d10 in damage, with 1 stress minium for passed tests.
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Religions aren't normally
Religions aren't normally factions or backgrounds. You could be a neo-Buddhist fighting for Mercurial rights, or a neo-Buddhist deeply invested in the LLA banking infrastructure, and your Buddhism is less important there than what you're doing with it. The only time I'd create a new faction is if you believe Neo-Buddhists are a major group outside of those currently documented, that are acting as a coherent /political/ bloc. But at that point, you run the risk of losing its value as a religion. (MrWiggles is right to bring up the Catholics, who seem to be a political bloc, but are still categorized under Jovian or Bioconservative, not as 'Catholic').