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The Nefarious Lizard Men!

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The Nefarious Lizard Men!
I'm a huge fan of reptiles, and especially lizard people. In EP terms, while uplifted reptiles would be awesome, it's not something likely to happen soon given the challenges it presents. So, another approach- incorporate lizard people as a morph-based subculture similar to the Greys. Like Grey enthusiasts, the lizard people (known as Draconians or Lemurians) identify with pre-fall science fiction and abductee lore concerning aliens. To differentiate them, I'm imagining the Lemurians as being more into partying than the Greys- they take a lot from David Icke-style "the reptilian shadow government controls us all with subliminal messages in Beyoncé songs" conspiracy theories, so they're more likely to ironically play with the "high-society mastermind" image. Others, particularly avid LARPers, tend to go for a more brutalist "savage lizard folk" aesthetic. I imagine they do a lot of genehacking with reptilian morphs and neo-reptile pets, too.
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Pulp Fiction?
And a small clade of reptile folk live in a primitivist habitat, occasionally engaging in ritual combat with their rival tribe. I love it.
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