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Need Help Detailing A Psychosurgery Procedure Concept

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Need Help Detailing A Psychosurgery Procedure Concept
Had an idea when generating up some random NPCs last night: Cerebral Locking; a psychosurgical technique that essentially inflicts a variant of the Anomalous Mind trait on the individual, specifically tuned to make it nearly impossible for the individual ego to be uploaded, resleeved or backed up without the intervention of a highly skilled psychosurgeon. Essentially, it modifies both the ego and the brain to the degree where exiting the morph is not a matter of routine, but instead a highly complex and dangerous endeavour, fraught with complications and risks of ego death. As for what it would be useful for, well, I'm remembering the Farcast post from a few days ago regarding torture and information extraction. Given that it's so hard to remove this ego from its sleeve, that adds a significant complication to any sort of psychosurgical/massed forking interrogation techniques. Beyond that, it could be used by bioconservatives as a form of insurance against being resleeved against their will, or by corporate high rankers as a defense against egonapping, or even as a form of obscure torture--sleeve the poor victim into an elderly flat or one with that whole body cell death thing, do the procedure, and let them stew for the remainder of their lives. What do people think? Ideas? Suggestions? All I have at this point is the idea, but I've got a game session to run in... eep, 3.5 hours, so, now that this is evicted from active memory, I'm going to get back to work!

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an interesting idea. it would
an interesting idea. it would itself be a tricky procedure, your trying to render a mind non standard without altering the personality or loosing memories. and alterations to the brain to support it mean more hardware than a simple ego bridge will be required for organizations using it to prevent interrogation it might be possible to develop a specific version of the modification that is easy to undo, if you know exactly what was done. this would prevent others from using fork interrogation techniques on there agents without preventing them from resleaving. an alternate method to similar end would be an explosive implant, not mesh capable, that will detonate if it detects ego bridge nanites. a coded signal could tell the implant to stand down for approved scanning and a comparable device would be available for detecting cyber brain copying. if you don't want to die combine with an incripted cortical stack that can survive the blast