Need eratta and/or clarification in Quick-Start Rule

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Need eratta and/or clarification in Quick-Start Rule

Hello, I am translating QSR into Japanese, but I found some contrariety. And I am afraiding just "gamemaster discretion" or "see the corerule" won't work, if other people can't read English might run it.

It is best to me to get some "official ruling". Answers from a writer, link to them(if someone asked and was answered already), eratta-applied new QSR... anything will do.

But I figure non-official answers will help also. If some interpretation has consensus or persuasive reasons, I will pick up it.

Thank you in advance.

p.9 character stats
There aren't descriptions about DR (Death Rating) and IR(Insanity Rating), while there are DR and IR columns in Character Sheets. Yes, the corerule have them, but I am not sure I should intgrate those descriptions iuto Japanese QSR or I should remove those columns.

p. 13, Subversion
It is said Subversion Success Test made with the Interfacing Skill. But both in the example and in the corelule (p. 259), it is Infosec Skill Test.

p. 15, Acquire I formation Table
Common Information is given -20 modifier. I am figuring it should be +20.

p. 19, Combat Modifiers Table
There are "Called shot", "Attacker charging", "Receiving a charge" and "Aimed shot" columns, but their descriptions aren't in QSR. And I afraid simple excerpts won't work, because Called shot and Receiving a charge Modifiers in QSR differ with ones in the corerule.

p. 31, Zora Moller (Anarchist Saboteur)
Her weapon (and a few other PC's weapon) has FA firing mode, but there isn't descriptions about it in QSR.

p. 37, Ahmir Sektioui (Brinker Security Specialist)
His morph is Arachnoid (so has special movement ratings in the corerule), but those ratings aren't mentioned in QSR. Is arachnoid's movement same as normal morphs, in QSR?

p. 38, Stressful Experiences Table
There ia a situation about psi-epsilon sleights. But there isn't description about psi ability at all in QSR.

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