Need 2-3 Players for Online Game

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Need 2-3 Players for Online Game

I'm GM'ing a game of Eclipse Phase on Wave, eventually on "Wave-in-a-Box" when that comes out (damn you, general public, for not understanding Wave!). We have two PC's, so I need 2-3 more.

My plan would be to mostly play-by-post, but we'd get together about two hours (weekly or biweekly would be my preference) for real-time. I enjoy a regular pace of gameplay, which for me, means a few posts per day on average, even if it's minor stuff. Getting down a good rhythm is key, and if you're looking for a slower game, this is not it.

All levels of experience are welcome, as I myself have not GM'd EP yet. This being a Eclipse Phase game, roleplaying will be key, though I won't be stingy with the adventure and combat. I'm looking for people who want to have fun, develop characters, and build a world with me.

I've spent time studying the system, but I've never GM'd it before, so the first few waves we'll need to work together to make sure everything's smooth. Before this, I've DM'd a bunch of D&D, but even those games were fairly off-the-beaten-path, so I feel this game would be a good fit.

My story idea involves a set of Firewall agents on the run from hypercorp Exsurgent-infected agents, starting on Mars, but heading across the system. A bit of chase, a bit of intrigue, a bit of "Around the World in 40 Days" feel to it. I hope to make the story fairly collaborative, so all of this isn't set in stone.

So far we have a Barsoomian Ruster rebel and Synthmorph former Hypercorp agent, and I'm open to almost anything.

Send me a quick PM, telling me what kind of game you'd like to play, what interests you about EP, your general availability, and we can get started (for those not on Wave, I still have some invites).