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In the Sunward: Inner System book, it says that Nectar is 900 meters in diameter. Is this correct? That's barely a half mile. How do 9,000,000 people live in a 1/2 mile footprint? What am I getting wrong? Thanks.
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It has been tunneled out
It has been tunneled out forming a beehive of habitation, industry and commercial space.
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I checked and the volume of
I checked and the volume of that sphere is 382,000 cubic km
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New Nectar/ Old Nectar
There's a few answers to your question. The 900 meter cavern is new construction,modern space made for people who can afford it. This was supposed to leave the "old city" part of Nectar to the less wealthy but that isn't how things are progressing. Still, that means there's quite a bit more of Nectar than just the bubble. At the moment it's stated that about a third of the population is in New Nectar. So around three million residents occupying the two-thirds of the volume designed for habitation. Also, you've got transhuman demographics to consider. I can't find the numbers for Luna, but if they're similar to Mars a significant portion of the population is in synthmorphs-which don't need the environment of the bubble- or infomorphs-which don't need room at all!
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Yea I always assume the most
Yea I always assume the most populous demographic in any place is just infugees trying to catch a break