Natural knockback?

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Natural knockback?

So, I know the rules have a section for if I'm purposely trying to push someone back and not hurt them... but what about knockback as the side effect of a massive attack?

I imagine size would play a role, much in the way the adjusted unarmed attack rules add a size modifier. It is after all more like that a jammed industrial robot knocks someone back than my typical 2-foot tall scurrier. However, SOM should also play a role. At 20 a person would be fairly jacked. At 40 I imagine punching you through a wall is just what he does.

Perhaps there's a rather simple solution to this: club or unarmed attacks that deal damage over a threshhold also inflict knockback by how much they exceed it?

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Scaling it with Wound

Scaling it with Wound Threshold would probably be a good place to start. That way, it's already adjusted pretty well for size.

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True. Not sure I want to base

True. Not sure I want to base it on just total damage after thinking about it. Going from 20 to 40 SOM is a huge leap in terms of strength... and a mere +2 to damage. Perhaps a brute force test one can make alongside a melee attack, with SOM modified for size, with distance by MoS like the standard knockback?

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Umm, isn't this already a thing?

From the section “wound effects” in the main book p.207:
Knockdown: Any time a character takes a wound, they must make an immediate SOM × 3 Test. Wound modifiers apply. If they fail, they are knocked down and must expend a Quick Action to get back up. Bots and vehicles must make a Pilot Test to avoid crashing.

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That's knockDOWN, not

That's knockDOWN, not knockBACK. One is someone crumpling from the pain of getting shot in the sac. The other is a huge robot using you for homerun practice.

The game does have rules for knockback, but as its own attack that does not normally inflict damage. I'm looking for for knockback as a side effect to being slammed hard by a blunt object.

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Ahhh, I misunderstood.
Nonetheless, It provides a decent starting point/precedent. It'd be simple enough to say that eligible attacks which trigger wound-knockdown also knockback a number of meters equal to the SOMx2 roll's MoF.

What attacks would actually trigger that is more difficult, and honestly I'd probably play it by ear - an overhead strike is never going to inflict knockback for example, regardless of any other factors, and I wouldn't want to think about strike angles all the time.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that a strike which inflicts knockback probably isn't going to inflict as much actual damage as an otherwise equal strike, so consider allowing melee/explosive attacks to gain knockback potential, or just get a free knockback attack, in exchange for reduced damage - perhaps losing any fixed damage bonuses for example.

In the past we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few.
But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again?

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And what effect would zero-gravity/microgravity have on the knock back rules? I'd imagine quite a bit.

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