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Native Language and Skill Maxima

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Native Language and Skill Maxima
A not-very-important question that came up when I was reviewing a spreadsheet character sheet: Is a character's native language intended to be exempt from the general rule that a skill can be no higher than 80 (or 90 with the special trait) during character creation? I assume "yes," but it would be nice to get official word.
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Re: Native Language and Skill Maxima
The rule actually states "[i]No learned skill may be raised over 80 during character creation[/i]". The base rank in your native language is not "learned" (you spent no CP on it) and you did not "raise" it to that level, so this rule is not contradicted by native languages starting in the 75-110 range. Although, yeah, there is still the question of whether you'd be allowed to spend CP to increase it from the starting value, which will already be 80+ for anyone without Feeble INT.