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Nanotech skills

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Nanotech skills
I'm putting together a character for a new campaign, and considering making a nanotech specialist. And I'm having a little trouble figuring out what skills are most appropriate to specific tasks. Basically, what skills are used to *make* nanobots from scratch? Is it a matter of the physical building (e.g. Hardware: Electronics, or maybe Hardware: Nanotech?), or is that just a given, and the important part is Programming (should there be a Nanotech Programming specialization?) Thanks for any suggestions or info. Obviously, I can make my GM come up with rules for it, but he's got enough stress. ;)
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You'd probably construct them

You'd probably construct them with a nanobot maker (not exact name, listed in gear part of the book) and programming to task the little buggers with different things. If you want to make nanobots by "hand" you'd probably need hardware: electronics, hardware: nanotech, programming, academics: nanotech, profession: nanotech engineerer. And depending on what job you are programming them for you might need special skills/knowledges about that particular subject. Oh, and you'd need appropriate tools ofcourse.

This is how I would rule as a GM atleast.

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You need a General Hive

You need a General Hive (20,000) pg 328. Those are "capable of producing any conceivable type of nanobot."

Skills wise I recommend Programing (Nanoswarm) pg 329, and Profession [Nano-design].
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Re: You need a General Hive

Hmmm... I'll have to re-work one of my NPCs and repost it.

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Re: Nanotech skills

The book also lists Academics: Nanotech as an example skill. This likely applies to theoretical applications more than the hands-on use of nanotech, but it can be useful for related skill bonuses and for understanding some of the wierd shit the TITANs left behind.

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Re: Nanotech skills
Thanks for the suggestions. I've run these by my GM, and he's gonna work up something he likes. edited because I don't type the same words I think, apparently. ;)
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Re: Nanotech skills
I would also imagine that Academics: Nanotech would be useful in figuring out how to reverse-engineer a found Nanite.
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