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Nanofabricators and Blueprint Cost

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Nanofabricators and Blueprint Cost
I very much like that nano-fabricators are a player accessible part of the game. I'm also happy that the open source movement is well recognized (at least in some places) But my question is: When you can't get your blueprints for free they are listed as costing [One cost category higher than Item Cost]. My question is, what is the price Higher than Expensive? Price seems to run at about 5x per level, does that mean Expensive++ is about 100,000 on average?
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Or more, although 100k is a
Or more, although 100k is a good start.

In my game, I wouldn't let anyone get ahold of stuff that's Expensive++ at chargen. Beyond that, they'd need some serious rep and good networking skills to get a hold of the blueprints (and I'd be slapping some penalties on those networking tests). Some items, like spacecraft, are expensive enough that we don't even provide costs.

Dreamy open source future aside, as a GM, one has to consider game balance. Fortunately, there are some good justifications for limiting access to items in the 'Expensive' category. Insystem, state of the art designs for complex items are controlled by fierce intellectual property laws. Start fabbing hyperbaric micromissiles off a Valles-New Shanghai souk, and you'll have a tac squad with a copyright violation warrant breaking down your door.

Outsystem, you might be able to get the blueprint, but actually fabbing the item could be a problem. You'll note that in the items descriptions, some Expensive items contain mats like antimatter, qubits, or heavy metals that are rare or hard to come by outsystem. (Antimatter and other rare mats are treasure; make your PCs work for them).

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100,000 makes good

100,000 makes good sense.

Here's how nanotech can be your main storyline:

Desktop cornucopia machines can be used to make a lot of stuff.
Sneaking one into, say the Jovian Republic, could be a mission worth a lot of money.