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A Name for Reclaimer Teams

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A Name for Reclaimer Teams
Having read Zone Stalkers, it occurred to me that it would be nice to have a nifty name for teams that break the quarantine on Earth, maybe something in the noun-verber mode of Zone Stalker and Gate Crasher. Trying to think of a good one but I'm falling short of ideas. My first thought was 'Sky Fallers', which is kinda cuz I loved that Bond film title but was disappointed to learn it was just the name of his stupid house (okay it was a pretty neat house). Maybe 'Earth Fallers' would be better? As in, "Mission is a go. We make Earth fall at 0900." But neither of those are great. Maybe something with the word 'Home' in it...? Any ideas out there?
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Semper Ubi Sub Ubi!?!
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Earth Shakers
Homeland Security...
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There's a reclaimer/scavenger
There's a reclaimer/scavenger corp mentioned in Sunward called "PastFinders", which is a decently clever name.
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My two minor favors...
"Sky Breakers"
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It might just be because it
It might just be because it was my favorite SNES game, but... "Earthbound"
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Great Suggestions
Wow. Lots of great suggestions so far. 'Homesteaders' is very clever but maybe not entirely accurate, since incursions are generally short term, I gather. Maybe if there was an effort to permanently resettle... I really like 'Sky Breakers'. It clearly evokes the need to break past the quarantine network and it sounds very dramatic. Earth Shakers, Earthbound, PastFinders... All very good. Homeland Security.... Ha! I realize that, when I suggested 'Home...', I was thinking 'Home Invaders', which would be nicely ironic but doesn't sound right. Anyone got any more?
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What about Suicide Divers? Or
What about Suicide Divers? Or perhaps Earth Divers if you want to be less doom-and-gloom.
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Gaia Crashers
Gaia Crashers Blockade Runners Terra Jumpers Re(Claimer)-(Earth)entry Team Claim Jumpers Oh Terranauts, that's good.
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I know!
Suicide Squad! Wait no that's taken.
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Mortex wrote:Oh Terranauts,
Mortex wrote:
Oh Terranauts, that's good.
Wouldn't Terranuts be better? Or maybe that's the nickname. :)
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These are more insults than
These are more insults than what you want, but I've never been good at cool. Cradle-Snatchers (riffing on the 'earth is the cradle of humanity' One G-men (a pun on gravity) Mud men ( because they want to go back to the muddy earth) Pigs (because pigs like to wallow in mud) Boomerangs (because they left earth, but they keep coming back to it.) Or 'The Impossibles' because they have done the impossible- they have gone home again.
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Q-Runners Relic Hunters Deadmen Ghosts Dream Walkers
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CW8ers gonna hate me for this
How about Cassy's Hundred ? Unreal Estate (that name's pretty Epic, if you ask me...sorry about that) Windmill Chasers (discrete tip of the hat to the Expanse's heroes) oh! I got a good one! (especially if those reclaimers like to sneak and shoot people) "Compressed Carbon Canines"
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