A name for a majority AI colony

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A name for a majority AI colony

I've been making up sample colonies for my players to interact with in my homebrew setting of EP. One of them I'd like to be a colony of sapient and advanced AI that have broken away from transhumanity. I'd like something to be telling of their computerized origins, but I can't quite think of anything yet (besides something like '/.Root'). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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404 File Not Found

404 File Not Found, Not Enough Access Privileges, No Hand Shakes, Data Cap Reached, 'No Solicitors, No Loiterers'.

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Epsilon Rho Rho

Epsilon Rho Rho

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01 (the original machine city

01 (the original machine city according to The Animatrix), try-except, while True, tiKEd/k5cxf6K6ckn+7QaKhyUf1QzP6f+PxNF3+LWs6ndTiqqII8C/lCTobdPbHPQkazZB+qW4e2EpAGJgQQmnMufe6HWR0w7+qzYBEInNwTd+oyqRmM+bE1oiwRAL1+D822x52VPtqE+nfHNnygCg==

Maybe if you were to give a bit of background on the colony, something more fitting would come to mind.

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That's fair. In truth, I

That's fair. In truth, I haven't really thought much beyond "city-state of AI". For the campaign I'm running, it has humans aboard an ark ship that are colonizing a new planet far away and cutoff from Earth. The AI are unbraked computer sophonts that have, much like Zero One in the Animatrix, left their masters and moved on to a new area. So they are a bit of a diaspora of automaton refugees settling into their own area on the planet.

Thanks again for the help so far.

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How about Synchronicity?

How about Synchronicity? Simple, elegant, and it's even got the word "city" built right in.

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Some ideas

10 (as in, go to 10)

Strength in depth...

The Fleet

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All good names have multiple meanings. Or are Puns. Mostly Puns.

Lacking detail on specific social elements:


Something created out of components, a collection of individuals come together to express, promote, pursue and defend common interests, and a basic programming language.


Pun on C (Programming Language, Hard Drive access) and Shell (Operating System), and Something that is Alive, Strong, Beautiful, that Grows, and is created to protect something vulnerable and precious (AI Society/Rights).

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CS jokes!

A Lisp based OS colony could be named {{{{}}}}

An SQL colony might be named Global Variables