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I'm enjoying the psychedelic
I'm enjoying the psychedelic space rock of Farflung... [url=]IX[/url] [url=]Landing on Cydonia[/url]
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Sometimes, older music has the right mood. Cro-mangon is a band from the 1960's, but picture this track playing while on a spacewalk across a derelict tin can habitat. And then the... thing that MADE the habitat derelict shows up.
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Don't let it die
Come on folks, this thread has helped me a LOT and I'd like to keep it going. Whoever suggested Janus for music way back, here's something more epic as long as you don't understand German and realize it's a breakup song.
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I've found alot of really
I've found alot of really excellent epic music, and music that I can use for background, clubs, exploration, etc, on the [url=]EpicMusicVN[/url] channel.

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For all those chase scenes and anything to do with petals: "The 7th Hallucination" by Datura.
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mmmm has not come up yet so
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I have quote often listened
I have quote often listened to when playing Eclipse Phase. The album called The Golden Sun of the Grea East by Juno Reactor is very good too.
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Daft Punk - Tron - Rectifer
I reckon this track would be suitable for when the PCs first encounter some big x-threat (perhaps for the first time):
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- Geomatic's Blue Beam has
- Geomatic's Blue Beam has been mentioned but they have also released other albums that perfectly convey the EP feeling: 64 Light Years Away in particular, but also Cosmochemistry and Control Agents... - HUVA Network's Ephemeris Thanks for all those inspirational links I'll have to explore...
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Oh, so many choices...
A Warm Place by Nine Inch Nails for drifting through the endless beauty and wonder of the universe. Leaving Hope by Nine Inch Nails for being drifting through the lifeless, echoing darkness of the Void. Also good for being stranded on Frozen Exoplanets. State of Perfection by Biomekkanik for synthmorphs being better than everyone else Binary by Assemblage 23 for bioconservatives being wrong. Disappoint (Funker Vogt Remix) by Assemblage 23 or a Jovian meeting a family member that has uploaded or resleeved, from either point of view. Sunflower by Workbench for a cluster of habitats rotating gently in the light of the sun. Artificial Nocturne (Love Thy Brother Remix) by Metric for Autonomist Warships emerging from Locus's shadow as the PC Fleet approaches Halfway Till Bliss by Atlas Plug for boarding a Scumbarge. Crimson Pheonix by Atlas Plug for for racing through the streets of Valles-New Shanghai The EVE Online OST for absolutely anything.
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good for Mars
I recently bought the Bastion game on Steam. Not a bad game. The soundtrack though is amazing! Its got a real western vibe with some fun twists mixed in. If your game is on Mars, I highly recommend it. [url= Soundtrack[/url]
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Even if the movie is uneven, I really like the soundtrack and for a club scene, there's some remix of Die Antwoord's I Fink U Frekky on youtube in another genre, I think that the music for No Man's Sky is gonna be awesome. Same for MGS 5 that could provide some great score for snooping and stealth scene
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I think a lot of the
I think a lot of the Homestuck soundtrack works pretty well.
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Someone suggested earlier the EVE Online soundtrack. That in mind, I thought I'd leave a link to this guy. You'll find there a lot of tracks from the game that aren't on the official CCP soundtrack. I especially recommend the "EVE Rock" set for TITAN-busting combat music.
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Imagining flipping this on during a game held over Ventrilo
For when an infiltration, maybe particularly against a hypercorp, goes wrong, especially after having had a hacker detected: [youtube]IDq0s2_IZu0[/youtube]
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Invocation Array is kinda
Invocation Array is kinda cool, though I'm not sure how well it'd work for background music. Some of the lyrics, particularly in Perpetual Memory, are definitely of interest for post/transhumanism.
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Ambient Space
Dreamstate Logic is good for ambient space music.
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If you like your industrial
If you like your industrial metal, Acumen Nation provides an angry soundtrack for some of the outer system polities. EDIT: Looks like the embedding's not working... is it because I linked to a playlist?
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How to Destroy Angels
Trent Reznor's project How to Destroy Angels practically describes transhumanity vs. TITANs. The entire Welcome Oblivion album, really, but let's take the title track for instance:' I'm using "How Long" from the same album as a campaign theme; trailer here: - my EP Campaigns (in Finnish, mostly)
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Doesn't look like anyone
Doesn't look like anyone posted it yet, so I'll suggest the "Shattered Horizon" soundtrack, which has only 3 tracks, but they're perfect for stuff out in space.
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Jovian Fall Documentary
Sugarbread seems like the kind of thing that would be playing in the background of Jovian documentaries of the Fall. Fair warning, I took 1 SV first time I saw this.
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Spotify playlists
Wow! Great stuff in here! Will have me benched the entire weekend :) I have been collecting music on Spotify in four playlists. Focusing on cyberpunk and industrial feel. Relax: Tension: Action: Horror:
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wolfa127 wrote:Wow! Great
wolfa127 wrote:
Wow! Great stuff in here! Will have me benched the entire weekend :) I have been collecting music on Spotify in four playlists. Focusing on cyberpunk and industrial feel. Relax: Tension: Action: Horror:
Darn that's nice. One thing to consider is Tobias Lilja, who does some droning ambient stuff. I used his stuff for Degenesis, but it'd fit in Eclipse Phase as well sitting somewhere in that Relax/Tension/Horror trio.
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Symphony of the Planets
NASA released a CD entitled "Symphony of the Planets" made up of recordings taken from voyager as it passed each planet on its way out of the solar system. It's good for eerie ambiance.
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The Division OST
I've been playing the Division for a while and the music has been hitting a lot of good chords with me. Picked up the OST on iTunes and listening to it on it's own I realized that this stuff is absolutely perfect for (my) Eclipse Phase. A lot of good action stuff, but there's also some epic music for vistas (introducing New Shanghai for instance). The first three tracks are great, but Dark Zone is amazing as well.