Multiple Morphs?

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Multiple Morphs?

I just started using Singularity. How can I create a character with multiple morphs?


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Sadly Singularity does not

Sadly Singularity does not support this as of now. So just just don't spend the cp needed for the extra morph and just write a note that you have it.

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Thanks for the confirmation!

Thanks for the confirmation!

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My players really would like

My players really would like this ability too. As it is, they currently have to juggle multiple .sng files to keep track of morphs.

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As a GM, I'd also love to see

As a GM, I'd also love to see this. Sometimes foes have favoured morphs for different situations (and I like to play up the excess resources Ozma has compared to their little dinky sentinel squads, so like insectoid's players I have a .sng juggling system for multiple morphs currently).

Honestly, although I place bugfixes over feature additions any day of the week, I think the bugfixes (at least in terms of bugs I was encountering) are all taken care of at this point, so I'm gettin' the first stirrings of feature-thirst.

This and being able to check a box or something to override a particular requirement/ban (because sometimes GMs let you fudge or sub a requirement or be the exception that breaks a particular rule, especially if the in-game reasons are cool...I know that at least this GM does that).