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So a question recently came up in a email game I'm in. Just what kind of forks does the Multi-Tasking augmentation make? And can you really do any mental or mesh action you can do normally with the two extra actions? The fact that it doesn't say you have a negative of any kind to the actions makes me think it must be making Alpha forks, which is the only kind that normally doesn't get negatives to whatever skills the original had. But making those is supposed to be illegal.
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Re: Multi-Tasking
This topic was recently discussed in this thread: http://eclipsephase.com/multitasking-why Jsnead wrote that section, so you can generally consider what he says to be RAW. To quickly paraphrase: The forks the implant makes are not to be considered true forks, they are special constructs of the implant whose sole purpose is to provide the user with extra actions. Yes, you can do any action that only requires mental or mesh activity.