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Morphs for Hyperelite and others

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Morphs for Hyperelite and others

Something doesn't seem quite right.

For the hyperelite background the disadvantage is listed as "May not start with at, splicer, or any pod, uplift, or synthetic morphs." This doesn't seem to fit with the timeline as non-flat morphs have only been around for 70 years, at least to me.

The wealthy and powerful are often and increasingly an old and conservative lot, and I am a little wary that they would cast off their old bodies in favor of new morphs.

To me there should be quite a few hyperelites running, or sitting around in their old bodies, rejuvenated yes, age-stopped yes, but still in the same bodies they were born in. Yes the economics has shifted but wealth has a way of sticking around, and given technology there should be a few wealthy on the edge of the wave remaining powerful from sixty years before the fall and to the present.

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yeah, but probably a 20 year

yeah, but probably a 20 year old clone of their original body, spliced and genefixed to the point of being effectively an ultimate.

edit: also, the credit bonus suggests youre playing a youger generation offspring from an old money family, without access to the entirety of the family funds. such a person might have more cosmopolitian ideas about morphology.

tangentially, i'm kind of sad to see that the "credits" are a cash only system, and doesnt really represent wealth abstractly as is done in systems like true20, d20modern, CoC, and spycraft. the reputation networks do this to some extent, and it was probably a decision to keep the two systems as destinct as possible. but still, i'd like to see some sort of mechanic where the wealthy always have some sort of wealth to draw upon (unless somehow burned). it adds an element of flavor to their ongoing character, rather than a onetime injection of funds that are quickly spent.

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First, it seems from the
First, it seems from the description that you are from that FAMILY of HyperElite. Does not mean you are a powerbroker or such..you are like Bill Gates kids. Second, the HyperElite could easily have been among the first to get their egos sent out and then resleeved after the Fall, simply because they had the wealth to ensure a body, and maybe even one that met their desires. Third, honestly, it seems like things changed alot both before and after the fall. The ones who became wealthy were the early adopters, the ones who took the risks. Not, like in modern times, the ones who had money and just kept investing it. Consider, as well, that you can be a HyperElite on Mars or Venus, or even among the Scum..You can be a HyperElite background, and the Barsoomian faction. Things really do not seem to be as restrictive as you seem to think they are. It seems that only Mercurial and Jovian are prohibited from HyperElite...but, you know, they could probably be a Mercurial if they went InfoMorph...
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Actually the question is more
Actually the question is more for an early spacer who managed to get rich from his own dealings, a very wily and old hand on the space lanes. Though I doubt even the Fall would wipe out the wealthy from Earth. The cache of their names along with debts, favors and outright ownership of key resources would keep many of them on top.
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Here's your answer: Second

Here's your answer: Second Skin.

Second skin let's you get around any restrictions, even if it means more-or-less spending points to downgrade. If a player wants to be an eccentric hyper-elite, okay then. If you're a kind, rule-bending DM, just overlook the req in favor of the story possibilities. If not, charge 15 CP.