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Morph Recognition Guide converted to 2nd Edition

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Morph Recognition Guide converted to 2nd Edition
Hey all. This has been a lot of work. I've converted all the morphs in the morph recognition guide to 2E rules. When I say I've converted all of them, I mean all of them... This includes morphs that were already converted in the core rulebook and morphs that don't make much sense any more. I'm sure you all have the good sense to find those that work for your game and those that don't. I think this link will work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vp9phractah7tgy/MRG%201E%20to%202E.zip?dl=0 Edit: Some people have complained that I presented too much information upfront. I'm making a new version now. Edit2: Here is a simpler version I recently finished. It should be an easier read than the other version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vey7f2vivf6cdrc/MRG%202E%20-%20MRG%20Convertio... Edit3: I made some small fixes to the formating.
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Generic Response #4
Jeez, some people don't know how lucky they are that you give up so much time for them … I mean, really, [I]some people[/I] would complain about getting a free grenade …
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I've been forgetting to
I've been forgetting to mention this. If you don't like the distribution of pool points I gave the morphs, you can easily change them. Each pool point is worth 0.5 morph points. Add or remove them as you please. Swapping pool points around won't cost you anything. Don't forget that morph variants is another option. So you could design many different versions of a morph to fit your needs without changing the base morph.