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[Morph] The Linnorm, an old pre-fall morph developed on Titan!

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[Morph] The Linnorm, an old pre-fall morph developed on Titan!
A regular ol' Linnorm: http://i.imgur.com/DNVRspG.png Size comparison between the Linnorm and your average Flat: http://i.imgur.com/jVhPzUa.png MORPH NAME: Linnorm MORPH TYPE: Biomorph (Pod) MORPH SIZE: Very large. Implants/Augments: Cortical Stack, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cyberbrain. Medichines, Enhanced Smell, Echolocation, Digging Claws, Swim Bladder, Oxygen Reserve, Direction Sense, Enhanced Respiration (Titan), Carapace Armor, Respirocytes, Temperature Tolerance (Cryonic), Personal Power Plant, Natural Weapon: [3d10 DV, AP –5]. Movement System: Snake 12/60, Walker 8/120. Aptitude Maximum: 40 Durability: 200 (+5) Wound Threshold: 40 (+1) Advantages: +15 Climbing, +15 Swimming, +10 Freerunning, +15 SOM. Neutral: Very Large Size, Non-Human Biochemistry. Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Pod) CP Cost: 155 Credit Cost: 310,000
"While it is an old and outdated morph, the Linnorm is nonetheless one of the more massive and rather dramatic beings to behold. While only a handful remain in circulation, several remain in the hands of collectors, if only to view their savage splendor... Even so, these rugged morphs should not be tossed aside as mere artifacts of the past, for even while of ancient design, they possess power and endurance far beyond that of the average morph and can defeat Titan's normally deleterious conditions with ease. Whether it be diving into oceans of methane for hours on end or going several weeks or even months without food, this hearty morph is a tough contender for your hardcore survivalist. While the general form is fairly standard with this morph, a number of minor features tend to vary across them, such as the whiskers or lack thereof, the fins, the fur and even the coloration of the scales. While blue hues are most common, the shade can be drastically different and in rarer cases even possess strange chromatic coloring. The color of the eyes also varies, though there doesn't seem to be any sort of limitation on the number of possible hues nor the saturation of their bead-like peepers."
~Ssky Andersun, hardware specialist and general theorist.
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I was about to ask why swim
I was about to ask why swim bladder until you mentioned methane diving.
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Don't mind me.....
......just contacting my morph specialist so I can order one and hold in storage ... there's this contract coming up and .. well, that's just what I need.
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Glad you like it!
I do need to set an image up for the scale, though... This thing is HUGE. A Flat can easily fit in a single claw. I'll have a scale diagram made up for it soon, of course.
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Updated and optimized ever so slightly!
Got the comparison image set. I also updated the traits (Neutral) with Non-Human Biochemistry and Very Large Size. Not sure how I forgot those... I optimized with a few augments as well, since after the "divide by 1,000" step it would have rounded up to 29 anyways. NOW it has Medichines and Oxygen Reserve added, allowing it to recover from injury more effectively and hold its breath even longer, with the added benefit of the oxygen reserve kicking in automatically! Seriously, this thing can utilize its reserves, then hold its breath when they run out. In other words, it's got 3 hours of oxygen-fed time, combined with 4 hours from the Respirocytes... A total of 7 hours during which this thing can go without air. Yep. I think my work here is donut.
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Pedantically, I suspect "non
Pedantically, I suspect "non-mammalian biochemistry" is more appropriate than "non-human biochemistry". Also, more broadly, you forgot the disadvantage "Social stigma: Absolutely terrifying" which will probably subsume the pod thing, in practice. That last comparison image suggests that meeting one of these unprepared might induce a brown note incident.
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Chrontius wrote:Pedantically,
Chrontius wrote:
Pedantically, I suspect "non-mammalian biochemistry" is more appropriate than "non-human biochemistry". Also, more broadly, you forgot the disadvantage "Social stigma: Absolutely terrifying" which will probably subsume the pod thing, in practice. That last comparison image suggests that meeting one of these unprepared might induce a brown note incident.
That's not so much a penalty on social interaction tests as it is a bonus on social interaction tests where fear of the gigantic frost-wrym is a factor.
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its one of those things where
its one of those things where it completely depends on how the character is written.
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Well... Normally I'd agree.
However, believe it or not I CHOSE to make this thing mammalian. It might have scales and a serpentine form, but with the fur, "warm-blood" and more taken into mind, this thing fits under Non-Human Biochemistry. So... Yep. Snek-like beast is a snek-like mammal.
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Oh, right...
On the Social Stigma (Absolutely Terrifying) thing... Since that could go both ways, I felt it unnecessary. Not to mention while some may view it with fear, many regard it as rather majestic... Perhaps I could develop a mixed boon/bane for that, though. A Social Stigma which has positives AND negatives that balance out...?
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Then again...
It still doesn't seem like it matters too much... Such bonuses and penalties would likely be applied by any half-decent GM based on the actions taken by such a massive creature.
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As for mammalian biochemistry
As for mammalian biochemistry, I have questions about how feasible that is on Titan. Maybe I'm limiting myself too much, but "mammal-inspired" might be more technically correct. Still, the question is mostly about pharmaceutical interactions, so mammal-inspired cryobiology might be mammal enough for the mechanics. On the other hand (claw?) the Hulder is non-mammalian, as is the Ariel. This would represent an entirely different approach to cryogenic environments, which is, I suppose, pretty interesting from a lore perspective now that I think of it. As for the "Social trait: Awe Inspiring", what do you think would be a fair ad-hoc bonus? I've GMed a few games, and played a few systems, but as all I've ever run is D20, I have *no* idea where to set such a modifier. A bonus or penalty of 10-20, depending on the linnorm's attitude toward you, and vice versa?
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the scale of this thing i
the scale of this thing i would go with 20 on the negative modifiers and 10 on the positive
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Added a movement rate/system.
Just took the Slitheroid's "Snake" and multiplied it by three due to the 3rd-tier size... As for the claw? I have no idea why that has any relevance to being mammalian or not, since almost ANYONE can get that implant... And once again, such modifiers would need to be applied by a GM or player of the morph. Feel free to toss a +/- 10 or 30 onto it depending on the situation and/or characters viewing it... Situational modifiers ARE encouraged in this system. I could see this affecting social interactions, especially Intimidation and such, so go wild.
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@OrcaCommander: If that's
@OrcaCommander: If that's your party, go for it. @Reprieve: If, for example, you have a scumborn who has an immediate crush on the wyrm in question, you'd want to apply a different situational modifier to them than to the rest of the (terrified) party - though you'd need to establish ahead of time who these people are that are working together to do this sort of thing on the fly, if they want to try to hide things from the rest of the party. I've got a similar situation in a D&D game, where all of the players have some background worth hiding from the rest of the party, and it's leading to some brilliant RP and great inter-party dynamics.
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Do you know how long I've now
Do you know how long I've now spent looking up the translation of [i]Sildeflokk[/i] thanks to this! :) Also, would a walker movement system be appropriate for using the arms as locomotion? Titan's low gravity it could make it feasible for at least brief sprints on stable terrain.
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If you REALLY want to apply modifiers, I'd go with something akin to "Grand". What I mean to say is that if there's going to be beneficial or negative effects, they're going to likely be +30 or -30 to any particular roll, depending on the circumstances, if only due to the massive nature and influence of this beast. Some might view it as a guardian morph in near-feral form, others might see it as a terror best left to collections... So once again, go nuts. As for the walker? I don't think so. "Walker" refers to the walker systems usually put to use by legless creatures, such as those Neo-Dolphins... That said, you have a point, so I'll look into it. NOTE: Looked into it, makes sense to add, but I can't help but wonder if it's necessary...
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Movement junk's done. Again?
Added a Walker speed for use of arms instead of SLITHER-SLITHER. It's got a much higher "running" speed, but a lower normal one. So for normal, less strenuous movement, snek-slithering's faster.