More T-shirt designs???

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More T-shirt designs???

So been a fan of the Game since I stumbled across it years ago in a Boarders...I bought a T-shirt not long after. Its showing a lot of wear and I know I can order a new one. And Anarchist and the basic are great and all, but I was hoping for more. Any chance of new designs after the 2nd Ed drops. Maybe one for each faction? I would buy that set...


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Yeah! I very much would like

Yeah! I very much would like an Ultimates T-shirt for the 2nd edition. I am sure they are gonna be great and only with good lore changes.

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More merch stuff is not

More merch stuff is not imminent but it's absolutely on our radar!

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New merch is cool and all,

New merch is cool and all, but I'm more than happy if it waits for the main game itself to be ready first.

I'd rather wear a themed shirt to the fourth session then wear it to a campaign that can't start yet! :)

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I tried to buy a new t-shirt

I tried to buy a new t-shirt from the site but the link go nowhere...*sad face*

But I wasn't asking for it "now" just will there be in the future. I got an answer. Glad its on the radar.


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The business that did our on

The business that did our on-demand t-shirts is going through a transition process — splitting into two different companies. I'm working on getting things back up-and-running with the new one.

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thank you

Thanks for the Update AdamJury.


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I'm genuinely glad to hear that. I was afraid I'd missed the opportunity...that I've been sitting on for many, many years :P

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I regret to inform my eclisphase t-shit has died the death of wear and tear. You know your shirt needs to be retired and put to pasture when your 3 year old is commenting on its holes. It just wasnt wearable in public anymore.

So I can't find were to buy a new one.

Any word on things?