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The morality of A.I., or When We Were Robots In Egypt

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The morality of A.I., or When We Were Robots In Egypt
How are intelligent robots dealt with, exactly? Do they have equal rights with transhumans? Are they essentially slaves, or second class citizens? Are there any movements to improve their lot? It's difficult to take a setting seriously which has AI, and does not address these questions, so this is rather important.
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Lets see if I can remember
Lets see if I can remember and summarize what I recall reading about them (Rob or others will have to correct me when they get back from GenCon so some of this could be wrong). First there are two kinds of "thinking machine", when you hear AI it actually refers to systems that can certainly emulate a degree of intelligence, maybe some learned behaviour... but overall they are more of a highly accessable system that excells in a certain area, NOT a self-aware entity. AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is "AI" in the self-aware sense. AGI entites not only have equal rights, they ARE considered a part of transhumanity and both they and the Uplifts (animals that have been altered to possess self-awareness... see the sample character) fall into a faction collectively referred to as the "Mercurials". Mercurial status (Uplift and AGI both) seems to very with the Faction/society they are with... but all in all the picture that was painted was that it's a lot safer and simpler to create AI robot entities that will never rebel rather than risk it with AGI slaves... that said I seem to recall some cases of AGI that were indentured slaves as punishement for real or percieved collaboration with the TITANS during The Fall). As an after-effect of The Fall, all AGI are socialized as much as possible so that they associate well with the rest of transhumanity and given their own capacity to resleeve with biological-based morphs the line between robot and human blurs a lot (that's not to say that some may have VERY different opinions of humans and their role in society). Anndd, that's pretty much all I recall...
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Thank you. I was very glad to
Thank you. I was very glad to read your response. What you've described is basically a sort of rehash of the most interesting interpretation of what the singularity will be that I've read. Can't remember the author I was reading, but i found it intriguing, and I'm very happy that I'll get the chance to play in a world using those principles. PS- I know the distinction between AI and AGI, of course, but am accustomed to just using the term AI, unless talking specifically about the distinction. It simplifies things in most venues. I apologize for not realizing that the distinction would be immediately understood here.
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Heh, actually I was unaware
Heh, actually I was unaware of the distinction between AI and AGI till I got on to these forums and did a little research and am now accustomed to making the distinction. I agree on the setting, the "we're all Transhuman now" notion is a LOT more interesting compared to standoffish thinking machines that constantly sit in the background and brood menacingly (though theres room for that too). Hmm, wonder if there are any AGI pre-dating the TITANS, maybe went off-line and are found and rebooted in the current time... a sort of cyber-Buck Rogers?... there's an idea for a character or adventure...
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As long as there's a
As long as there's a cyber-Wilma (with an avatar like Erin Grey), I'll be happy. ;)

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I can live with that... just
I can live with that... just don't hit me with an AI unit that goes "beedee'beedee'beedee" prior to making a statement...
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I'm more worried about robots
I'm more worried about robots that preface sentences with things like "Statement:", and refer to organics as meatbags. :P
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And so should you be.


Lorem ipsum dolore sit amet, motherfucker.
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Refer to AND treat as such.
or even worse the ones that don't preface sentences with such, AND treat humans as meatbags. :D But then again I guess that's what The Fall consisted of, at its base level.
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Better yet, how about a

Better yet, how about a leftover ex-TITAN?