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Moderation Update

I just wanted everyone to know that we have recruited four new volunteer moderators for the EP forums. They'll be working with us to fine-tune a moderation policy and generally keeping an eye on things so we can focus on making EP. They'll be introducing themselves shortly, but I wanted to thank them again in advance for helping us out. Their commitment to helping the EP community grow and prosper is commendable. We have some pretty awesome people around these parts, and we'd like to see the conversations continue without disruption. We're also putting some new moderation tools in place to help this process along.

I'll let them introduce themselves and do the rest of the talking, but feel free to flick your haptic feeds on and give them a virtual pat on the back :)

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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Thanks for the introduction

Thanks for the intro Rob,

Us moderators have posted an introduce ourselves thread here for everyone to read.


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I wish you guys the best of

I wish you guys the best of luck. I don't think anyone should be driven away like they have been in the past while.