Mini character sheets (3x5 - ish)

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Mini character sheets (3x5 - ish)
In another post I was asked to share these mini character sheets. My original intent was to write them up on 3x5 cards for each player in our starter campaign. However I didn't want to write out each 3x5 card by hand, so I created these. My players are all new players to Eclipse phase, so I was going to do the character creation in pieces to give them time to learn the universe and rules. Eventually I will move them onto full character sheets. These should be pretty good for NPC's as well. That link is for a PDF version, but I could put up an XLS or ODS if people want them so they can edit it them for themselves.
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This looks like it would be
This looks like it would be really useful for throwing an idea down onto paper without having to stat out [i]everything[/i].
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Thank you, excellent work
Will be printing some of these.
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