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The mind's perceptions?

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The mind's perceptions?
So, can an Ego's perceptions only exist in one Morph at a time? What happens if you have backup ensurance, and you go missing. The insurance folks decides to activate and sleeve your backup. Now, if you're dead, how would your perceptions suddenly "awake" in the new morph? Or, if you're still alive, what would happen? Would the new morph be just new Fork? Can your consciousness exist two places at once? How can you awake to consciousness in a new morph after your previous morph dies. Why isn't this new morph just different copy of the ego, like a Fork? Hmm.. yes. :P Eirik

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Resleeving from a back-up is

Resleeving from a back-up is creating a fork. It's a fork of your earlier self, just delayed activation.