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I think Mercenaries should be added in at sometime. Maybe in a expansion book. Becuase for some reason I get these images in my mind off Merc's (Looking like the Marines from Aliens.) going to getting paid to go check out some research base in the Asteriod Belt. Any of you guys have any ideas how to make these guys work or how to integrate them into EP? I had a few ideas on how to add a Merc Faction/Factions into EP. One of which is something like the MRBC in Battletech. (The MRBC having a mid sized habitat somewhere in a lagrange orbit.) This core idea gives the Mercs some legitmacy and can open up some interesting ideas along with whatever else people can think of. Small Merc Outfits ranging from Squad to Company Sizes.(The Level of tech and gear they use can be anything from low tech flat grunts with some light armor and a rifle to a High Tech Kill Team with the latest in rail gun tech and having acesess to Combat Snyths.) Another idea is having PMC's that operate as a Small Security Corp.
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all you need is a little

all you need is a little hypercorp providing security contracting services.

they could have their heavy equipment that takes months to freight around the solar system, and then they could have their real hardcase sociopaths that they just egocast over to their clients hab, sleeve them in whatever is available, and theyre resourcefull enough to start kicking ass.

the latter is the basic premise of the Envoy Corps in the Takeshi Kovacs books, from which a good portion of the game fluff was lifted. Despite the long reading lists offered on this website and in the corebook, if I had to reverse-engineer the primary influences, it would be something like Kovacs, Kiln People, and Fire on the Deep. but that probably just refelcts my own narrow horizons, and i shouldnt project like that.

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I still think it wouldnt hurt
I still think it wouldnt hurt for there to be a small MRBC like Organzation hovering around.And while yes a GM could go ahead and make it up easy, I just think it'd be a good idea for something offcial sometime later down the road.
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If you really wanted to you

If you really wanted to you could probably use the Ultimates as a Merc force. There are references within the Core Book of Ultimate Militant teams doing work for Corporates (The taking, and holding, of one of the Pandora gates against a force of ExHumans). That combined with the general militant attitudes of the Ultimates makes for the perfect strike force.

Hopefully Sunward/Gatecrashers will expand on all of the Factions. Can't wait for Q1 of next year. I want Sunward now damnit! *grin*

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I just would like to see a
I just would like to see a little examples of differnt Merc Outfits. (Ultimates, Indepdent Groups and etc.)Would be awesome in my opnion.
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Jupiter and the Trojans look
Jupiter and the Trojans look to be prime territory for this, it's just begging for a brush-fire conflict fought with forces not directly linked to either the Jovian Junta or the Autonomists.
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One of the few things I am

One of the few things I am not happy with in EP at the moment is the general lack of conflict. There are some people who don't get on with others, but I found the Core Book didn't really explore the interactions between the Factions as much as I would of liked.

What the Solar System needs is a good war! The TITANs have been gone for ten years now, surely the Factions have more than built up their militaries. I want death and destruction damnit! Terrorist strikes in the news every other week, suicide bombers (Who are not really commiting suicide) bringing down habitats in the Junta. That sort of thing.

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The only problem with a full
The only problem with a full scale conflict is the fact that there are only 500-700 million humans left. Birth rates are also slow, and that Futara Project was a clusterfuck of epic porportions. So for now low burn conflicts are possible and more then likely happen but no one would want to get a full scale war started any time soon. However becuase of this Low Key Warfare that'd spring up I'd expect Mercs would be in high demand. Cheaper overall (They bring there own gear and equipment.) then a State Sponsored Military, Deniable Assests as well as the fact that they arent strictly 'One of them' so Habitat/Planetary/Corps leaders wouldnt care to much if they get vaped (With Cortical Stack Destroyed/Lost.)