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Melee Defense versus Fray in Close Combat

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Melee Defense versus Fray in Close Combat
Hello, still trying to gain better understanding of basic combat rules. For combat in close quarters (melee), EP2►202 states a defender can use their FRAY skill to defend themselves, or their MELEE skill to try to block and parry. I see that FRAY skills are generally higher than MELEE skills, and thus it is usually wiser to try to dodge rather than block and parry. I am assuming the benefit of blocking and parrying is that if you out-success your attacker, that you can inflict damage on your attacker during his attack? Example: Cleveland Novak is being attacked at close quarters by a security guard on Osiris Station. The security guard is using an extendable baton, and Cleveland has armed himself with a broken bottle. It's the security guard's turn. The security guard's MELEE skill is 45; Cleveland has a MELEE skill of 10 and a FRAY skill of 40. Cleveland is a little drunk and feels overconfident with the broken bottle, so he chooses to defend himself with his crappy MELEE skill. For the sake of argument, no modifiers. The security guard rolls a 60 (which fails) and miraculously Cleveland rolls 08. Cleveland inflicts 7 points of damage (1d6 + 2) while defending himself. Is this correct?
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No. At least I don't think so
No. At least I don't think so. You don't get a free counter attack if you opponent fails to attack you in melee. You have to wait until your turn before you get to strike back. Not all skills are equally useful in this game. Melee is one of the poorer skills. On the plus side, it is also one of the quieter skills in the game, which is handy when you're trying to be stealthy.
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Unlike Fray, Melee can be
Unlike Fray, Melee can be used to both attack and defend. Fray is the superior defensive option for most characters, but a character that pumps Melee for attacking now has the ability to use it to defend against Melee too. This then gives them all the more reason to specialize their Fray into defending against Guns.