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Melee combat questions

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Melee combat questions
I've two questions on melee combat: Question 1 With the EP rules for melee combat, multiple targets can be targeted by an single attack (within a meter of each other) at a accumulating -20 to all attacks, per each additional target. Any opponent from 1 meter to .1mm from the first seems fair game (RAW) Can the multiple attack be applied to different parts of the same opponent? Such as a Shiro Mifuni style half second combo: called shot(-10) multiple target (-20): left wrist + called shot(-10), multiple Target (-20): Right wrist. (-30 ea) If needed subdivide and count the wrists as two separate small targets for an additional -10 ea? Question 2 Like wise, how about targeting an opponents weapon as opponent 1 and the opponent himself as opponent 2. (think obi won in the bar) Thanks
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My understanding is that the
My understanding is that the multiple opponents issue is assuming one attack aimed at several guys (so swinging your weapon or a sweep or something). I'm okay with multiple attacks on the same character, with the same penalty, if you can explain how you're doing it, but it's a GM call.