A meeting of Monsters part 1

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A meeting of Monsters part 1

The XenoDragoness loped down the resin coated hallway silently on all fours. This was her domain now, claimed with force of claw and tooth like so many others had been before. Xeno drones clambered about floors and walls, still busily at work smearing viscous goo with their hands which rapidly hardened. The inside of this outpost was fast becoming the organic nightmare she and her brood preferred, dark, warm, and safe like the guts of some great and terrible beast.

With a graceful leap to the side to avoid colliding with a drone, she now moved along the wall without slowing. Soon she was traveling along the top of the ceiling so as to not disrupt her brood's fiendish art. Still, the occasional drone had to quickly sidestep out of her way. One of these drones reached out and grabbed her tail lightly caressing the length of it as she passed. The dragoness hissed softly in pleasure and almost stopped. She had wanted it to do that, at least on some subconscious level. The nascent queen sometimes forgot that her desires and thoughts often became orders. There where no secrets among the Hive after all. She had yet to master her impulses, the drone had simply heard her and obeyed.

She put on some speed so as to not become distracted and soon reached her destination, a small nook next to a lightly shielded power conduit. She wedged her lithe and deadly form into the space lowering her smooth obsidian head and folding her bladed tail up from under her body so as to curl into a tight ball. This power conduit had a delightfully pleasant way of making her entire body tingle and it had become her favorite place of rest.

The XenoDragoness focused her mind and let slip her hold onto this particular body. Her identity quickly melted into the ocean of consciousness that was the Hive.

-to be continued in a bit-

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Re: A meeting of Monsters part 1

(I type these quickly so please consider them first draft quality. Hopefully someone finds it entertaining but I mostly do it just to nail down specifics in my thoughts.)


"Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same" - Michel Foucault

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Re: A meeting of Monsters part 1

Space and distance was nothing to the Hive. Mere moments later the XenoDragoness' consciousness reformed inside a drone deep inside her queen's lair. She hissed softly and flexed a claw testing that her forceful occupation of this drone was complete. The only xenos she had been unable, or more to the point, unwilling to try to occupy where the queen herself and her praetorian guard. Two members of which currently loomed over her, eyeless obsidian sentinels blocking her passage.

They where large, armored, and impressive, radiating naked malice down at her. One curled it's tail high in striking posture ready to remove her head in an instant while hissing a warning and projecting images of her death towards her mind. The other was quiet, subtly circling around her and preparing to pounce.

No matter how many times the XenoDragoness came to visit the queen her guard always challenged her. They knew who she was but they simply didn't care. Their instincts screamed protect the matriarch at all costs, even from her favored daughter.
She had played this game enough times that it had become almost a formality. Normally she had her own intimidating and unique form to counter their posturing. Her preferred body, left so far away, wasn't quite as large as these armored warriors, but she was certainly more lithe, faster, and absolutely more lethal. More than a match for these two.

The bastards where taking advantage of her current lowly drone form, toying with her. She had always gotten the impression that they went beyond their position and actually didn't like her. Unfortunately their thoughts where murky and unavailable so she could never really tell with certainty. What she did know, and they took special pains to remind her of, was that they where sadists to the core. If any punishment where ever to be meted out by the queen it would almost certainly be at their claws. They'd enjoy every second of it too.

She recalled the praetorians had seemed almost malevolently gleeful when they had cocooned her for inclusion into the Hive at the behest of the queen those short months ago. She wasn't part of the Hive yet but it seemed as if they where laughing at her when the infection form leaped at her...
Damn it! The quiet xeno had been sifting through her mind and memories while she was occupied with the guard in front of her. He had pinpointed that most sensitive memory and brought it up to the surface using it against her. She screeched in rage extending her second set of jaws and prepared to launch herself at it. This was of course exactly what it was hoping for in provoking her.

She felt through her body and mind more than heard the powerful shrieking response from the adjoining chamber. A slap to her psyche, it dazed her for a moment jumbling her thoughts while causing the guards to immediately back off into nearby concealed recesses in the wall. Apparently the queen had tired of their games.

Still in a daze she felt her limbs move of their own accord as she clambered up into the large chamber beyond.

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