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Matrioshka Brains and how they work

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Matrioshka Brains and how they work
I came across this rather interesting video on Matrioshka Brains that gives a bit of hard science on how something like this would work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef-mxjYkllw
A brave little theory, and actually quite coherent for a system of five or seven dimensions--if only we lived in one. Academician Prokhor Zakharov "Now We Are Alone"
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Issac Arthur! I subscribed to
Issac Arthur! I subscribed to his channel a while ago.
A slight smell of ions....
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The bestest on YouTube. If
The bestest on YouTube. If you want to experience some cosmic horror watch the Iron Stars video. It was surprisingly disturbing for me. Makes you realise how insignificant we still are.
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Yeah, Iron Stars was
Yeah, Iron Stars was surprisingly freaky, and I really want to do something Eclipse Phase-y with the reversible computer which that video brought up.
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Frak, spent 4 hours listening
Frak, spent 4 hours listening to his videos while at work, thanks for adding another video series for me to watch.
Exhuman, and Humanitarian.