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Mapping out a beehive habitat?

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Mapping out a beehive habitat?
As my players are going to explore a small behive pretty soon i need to make a rough map of it. Does anyone have any good ideas for making 3d maps without spending ages on them?
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I've built them using a
I've built them using a notebook. I then define a major spar and then build out from it on each page. I figure in real life when we get around to building habitats they will be built in a very intuitive 2D floor by floor way. Look at the ISS it is fairly flat and spread out.
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Well, I don't know if it's
Well, I don't know if it's less work, but the older game Cyberpunk 2020 used a crossword puzzle style grid to build some nicely 3-D structures in layers. It could be adapted to represent a beehive habitats internal layout.
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