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[MAP] Solar System

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[MAP] Solar System
Hello, French Webdesigner/Graphic-Designer, I create from of the original, a new map of the solar system (HD available) : [url=http://www.web-seb.com/divers/system-solar-EN-HD.jpg][img]http://www.web...
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This looks sweet, good job
This looks sweet, good job man!
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I am full of admiration for this work! Is it possible to get it as Illustrator-format or PDF including fonts? +1 Rep
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I think it is absolutely
I think it is absolutely stunning, though a shame that there isn't more locations pointed out in the map. Any chance you plan to add a version that is more populated by locale labels?
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Amazing work, man! I like the combination of photo realism and abstraction.
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This is... amazing. Wow.
This is... amazing. Wow.