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[MAP] Morph Brokerage

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[MAP] Morph Brokerage
So here is the layout for a high end of small to lower mid end on capacity morph brokerage. it probably could use another couple ors and another couple exam rooms but like i said bucking the upper end of small and the lower end of medium. it does have a Very Important Morph Locker which is probably how it receives the bulk of its income. This layout is mostly idea for a space habitat the J stands for janitorial. Meat Fab can grow muscle cultures, organs and bioware. healing vats are probably located in the body farm. Not pictures are various conduits pipes jefferies tubes and the like so ffeel free to add your own security flaws and layers. and yes i added in patient showers. I know one of the first things i would do in a new morph is to get under a shower. nice soothing calming shower. very good for resetting the mental state [URL=http://imgur.com/NDZ2oFi][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NDZ2oFi.png[/IMG][/URL]
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I'd think you'd want the
I'd think you'd want the morph show-room somewhere up close to the front desk, and not so far back that anyone going to look over what's on offer would have a good idea of your layout, not to mention being within spitball's range of the VIM locker.
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Truth be told i kinda drew
Truth be told i kinda drew myself into a corner with that one and you could probably easily switch the body farm with the showroom the lie i would like to say can be summed up here http://www.ss13.eu/wiki/index.php/Guide_to_mapping#Balance