Maoulkavien's EP2 character sheets (3 pages)

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Maoulkavien's EP2 character sheets (3 pages)

Hi again !

After some use, I found some inconvenience with ElDaniello's sheets, so I remodeled them as follows :

Basically, I wanted:
- More space to write down skill fields and specialization
- More space to write down ware on morphs as these can get a bit loaded
- Space to write summary of ware/gear/traits instead of having my players remember all of it
- Ego and Muse skills on the same place so players think more of using their muse
- A page Ego that is "fixed" for the player : you never change Ego, nor your traits nor your muse after all
- A page Morph that can (and will) be swapped in case of resleeving
- A gear page with enough space for the 2 gearpacks + some hand-me-downs players may get their hands on during a campaign

this is still WIP but any remarks will by appreciated !

Small clarification for the Morph page : my idea is to pre-print morph pages with common traits and ware listed and checkboxes : As the character resleeves, the player can tick whatever he wants up to his MP score. Resleeving done in under 2 minutes for newbies

All files (3 pages PDF and the associated svg files for source modification) are available here :

I might not be very reactive on the forum, but I'm more present on the Discord server.

Thanks again ElDaniello for your work and for sharing your source files.

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Update !

Update !
I also made a website to automatically generate PDF based on the data exported on arokha's web helper :

Also, all of this is open source :