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Maintenance of unoccupied morphs

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Maintenance of unoccupied morphs
I may have missed this in the book, if so sorry for clogging up the forum. One thing I've been wondering about - the nature of an unoccupied morph body. Say you purchase a couple of different ones, where do you keep them when you aren't using them? Is there specific "banks" or "dollhouses" that will keep a hold of your body when you aren't using it? What about in the field? Do you have special "coffins" in your apartment to keep the bodies in? Do biomorphs retain use of their autonomous functions to ensure survival (feeding etc). Would you ever end up with "zombies" where transfer fails and the biomorph is awakened but there is nobody home. Is there a way to stop a morph being downloaded into your body in your absence, other than the nanotat/nanoid record? What happens if you are using one body? Could an corp be renting out your sylph without you knowing? I suppose would you care? I suspect you might, since presumably you had to pay for the body in the first place.
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It's mentioned briefly on p.

It's mentioned briefly on p. 276, but commonly people store an unoccupied morph in a body bank. The equipment for storing a morph at home is likely available, though we didn't include it in the core book. We don't cover the specifics of stored morphs too much, but I imagine they're kept in a coma-like life support state, with the majority of the old ego erased.

Certainly there are a lot of opportunities to play with this, like you mention. Black market body banks, for example, might not wipe the old ego when the person uploads -- after all, if the body is just going to be on ice until someone else resleeves into it, who cares if the old ego is still in the brain until it gets remapped? If the morph were somehow revived before that point, however, you have an errant fork. You're essentially trusting the body bank operators, who would probably take a big rep (and possibly legal) hit if it were found out they were doing otherwise.

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Normally a stored morph is
Normally a stored morph is kept in a state where the brain is like printer paper. The state Rob describes where a disreputable body bank doesn't zap the ego would be very rare, because a normal ego bridge actually snips all the neuronal connections in the old brain during a transfer. This is not a necessary feature of the transfer process, but one forced by philosophical stances broadly held in the transhuman population. (People don't want duplicates; people don't want to feel like copies).

Also, regarding errant minds emerging in a supposedly erased brain, I have one character in my campaign who's just that. Their mind emerged in a stored morph that was being experimented upon. There are lots of possibilities to make some pretty messed up characters in this vein.

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