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Lucidity, Traumas, Derangements & Disorders

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Lucidity, Traumas, Derangements & Disorders
Let's talk about insanity! (Here's a thread for it).

First question: from Tim Cooper on our Facebook page...

I bought the game on a lark and I'm digging how it's grittier than a box of gravel but I do have one mechanics question: getting four traumas gets one disorder. Is this four traumas -total over the character lifespan- (character gets trauma, gets over it, another trauma, gets over it, rinse-and-repeat until the fourth trauma becomes a disorder, but at any given point the character had one or fewer traumas) or is it four concurrent traumas? I think it's four concurrent since traumas need to be healed separate of derangements (which time out), but I'm not certain.

Rob or Brian, if you're watching, any idea? I wasn't sure about this one.
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Each time a character with a

Each time a character with a major derangement receives an additional trauma, the DM decides whether it will cause a new minor derangement, or upgrade the major derangement into a disorder, based on the circumstances.