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One of the things that caught my attention in the RPG.net "let's read EP" thread was a comment on the "Lost", a failed attempt to force-grow another generation of transhumans... could you go a little more into that? Gotta wait on my dead-tree copy to come in (my faction aspires to dead tree copies to keep the green menace down... ask JSnead, they're taking Portland over!:)
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The Lost.
The "Lost Generation" went through an accelerated-growth childhood. Force grown clones raised in VR. Most of the subjects go insane or die and the survivors are pitied. There is a great page which I'm reading ahead just for you that concerns the Futura Project. The project goal was to raise the subjects to a subjective 18 years old in just 3 years. After a break down in quality assurance near the end of the first year (subjects are around 6 years old at this time) animal cruelty and acting-out starts to manifest. A direct quote should fill in the rest... "Post-project analysis now shows that 43.87% of our subjects had engaged in at least one act of premeditated murder by the 24-month mark (12 years of age) and the counseling protocols were only training them how to lie more effectively." :) :) :) They also seem to be a background option in the character creation section - Playing a survivor of the project.
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Kinda reminds me of Renyold's
Kinda reminds me of Renyold's conjoiner experiments to develope their young w/o the extra effort of a childhood experience... pesky human minds stubbornly refuse to develope at production-line speeds...
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Psi trait
Using the Lost background, characters get the psi trait for free, right? Now, assuming that that is the level 1 version of the trait, can a character with the Lost background buy Level 2 Psi for just 5 CP or do they need to spend the full 25?
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Psi Trait and the Lost
The sample Lost character (the Ego Hunter) appears to have Psi (2) as part of the character rather than just Psi (1). If that's not the case then a Lost character at Psi (2) would end up with three Mental Disorders... Nasty. If it's only Psi (1) as part of the character I'd only charget them the difference between the two to upgrade. They'll be penalised enough elsewhere.
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Psi & The Lost
It makes sense that with having two Mental Disorders that they would have a Psi level of two - from a background perspective it might be that the introduction of the Watts-Macleod strain of the exsurgent virus into the Futura line (due to aforementioned quality control issues mentioned in the EP book) was what caused the whole experiment to go awry in the first place. From the minds eye of the Lost they had at least ten years (despite it not being that in reality) of infection with the Exsurgent virus before their "birth" into reality - by the time it was realised that there was a problem the damage was already done and counselling techniques of the time didn't help because of either a complete lack of knowledge of Watts-Macleod at the time or complete ignorance of their infection. From the perspective of the Lost they have had nearly their whole life dealing with the Watts-Macleod infection and as it's proved to effect the ego specifically it can be safe to assume that they have had access to psi the whole time, Ok, it won't have affected their VR environment but the text states they were plugged into Futura morphs whilst being stuck in VR, they could have subconciously been using Psi powers in reality or it maybe that the Watts-Macleod virus produces stronger Psi ability over time. Either way it maybe a reason as to why the Lost are so mentally damaged and why they might have such a high Psi rating. Sorry for the lack of formatting on this post, i'm supposed to be working and don't have much time to go over things!
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It seems strange that, though
It seems strange that, though they comment on everything else, the "Do The Lost have Psi 1 or Psi 2?" question is one the Devs remain silent on..I have seen it posted in several places, and yet to see an official answer..

Does that mean their answer is "Yes"?