Looking for some advice on a character I'm making for an upcoming campaign

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Looking for some advice on a character I'm making for an upcoming campaign

My core concept that I started from was: Witch.
Naturally my first instinct was to go Async, and go full in on it. Lost, Async. For career I liked the idea of her also being a healer of sorts like 'witches' often were before all the burnings. So I took mindhacker so she could be a therapist, and because as an async she would already be dealing with the minds more than the bodies.

For her sub-strain I went with Haunter because it had the most, for lack of better term, spooky feel to it. And the aspect of isolation from other people felt a part of the witch trope.

So now I'm looking at what Sleights to take. On one hand I feel like some Chi sleights would be good to round out, but on the other Gamma sleights are more fun.
I want to grab sleights that fit into the theme of hexing and healing. She already gets nightmare for free. So she gets 10 more from CP. Suggestions?
The main ones I'm looking at now are; Block sense, block skill, Basilisk stare, Illusion, deep scan, animal control, downtime, influence, pain, psychic stab, short circuit, spam, and tranquility

The other thing I want to look into is Basilisk Hacks. Not creating her own, because she is not a God like AI, and not using recorded ones because she has some common sense. What I was thinking was getting into that field, touching just on the shore of it. She has 80 memetics, mind hacks, and psychology, so I think she has a good foundation for such a thing.
The idea atm is she is able to use basic mindhacks, combined with memetics (specifically the witch meme), and what insights she gains from performing sleights as an async, to create what she refers to as an 'Eye-Bite'. Very limited power, and is dependents on memetics, and memetic priming to work. Something like, temporarily give someone something like exploding head syndrome (not as bad as it sounds. I have it irl); harmless but distracting, and frightening. As well as other things like promoting feelings of fear and dread. Not to the point that people immediately flee, but it makes them a little more likely to. Just crossing over the line from basic theater and performance, to whatever the TITANs were doing.